At GreenGable Security LLC we make it our mission to provide top of the line Security Officers, together we can improve the safety of our communities.

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Executive & Property Protection

We take careful measures to protect our VIP Clients in any type of occasion. We offer customized protection plans plus, evacuation procedures to protect the VIP Client. Your safety is our mission. Our trained team has the proper background to work efficiently and effectively as a team. We follow your protocol to provide you with the protection you or your party require. At GreenGable Security we have trained officers, armed or unarmed that would patrol your premises and ensure the safety of your VIP clients we understand that certain locations may be at risk of vandals so we place a qualified officer at your premises to handle any emergency and monitor surroundings


Event Security

For your events we will assign Officers to a location to protect the premises and carefully handle any unusual activity. At GreenGable we take the time to study your upcoming event. To help us minimize the risk of injury or trespassing and secure the venue. Regardless of the location, number of guests, Our trained Officers are proficient in crowd control and VIP areas, Entries and Exits. In addition to event Security We also offer Residential Security, Mall Security, Movie/film set and crossing guards.

We cater to all events of all sizes. We ensure our guards are being proactive and planning and assessing the security needs ahead of time is key to success and nothing should be left unturned.

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Construction Sites

For your Construction site, We will allocate an Officer to the construction site to eliminate theft and to protect Vehicles and equipment including the after-hours of the night. Our company provides 24/7 protection. When assigned to the post we will determine where any weakness lies and set up a plan of action to deal with existing threats or mitigate risk and keep Client assets safe. we will maintain a strong presence to deter vandalism and Trespassing. We know there is very valuable equipment on site therefore, we assign officers that are aware, trained, and armed to handle even the most sensitive situations. Around the clock protection and reporting, our officers are trained to protect valuable equipment and construction materials. We will ensure that the best action to take is tailored for your construction site. At GreenGable we understand the importance of your construction project; that is why we monitor the site 24 hours a day and ensure that only authorized personnel has access to the site.

Fire Watch

Within 4 hours, an Officer is assigned to any particular location to protect valuables and property from the risk of a fire, fire alarm malfunction, flammable material or toxic waste. Our security guards will become familiar with the property and specific areas of fire risk. We will ensure that those areas are secure as well as all the other parts of the premises. Our 24/7 dispatch keeps in close contact with the fire department. Our fire watch guard will assist with the evacuation of the personnel and ensure they are brought to a safe location.

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Retail Stores

At GreenGable Security we place our Uniformed officers at all entrances and exits, we provide a presence that has proven successful as a deterrent. Our officers will spot would-be thief’s in the act. At several of our retail accounts, we work to provide a double defense against loss and theft.